Cost of Smile Makeover

A smile makeover for $5,000 using composite veneers and make payments.  Call for a complementary consultation.  

Getting a smile makeover in Jacksonville can cost anywhere from $350 to $40,000 and can range from simple whitening to a full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain veneers.  Our goal is to always find a way to improve a patients smile that fits in their budget.  Most patients have their mind set on porcelain veneers for that ultimate "Wow" smile makeover.  The cost of smile makeovers can be a lot higher than other types of cosmetic surgeries.  The cost of Jacksonville Smile Makeover is directly related to other costs incurred by dentists.  The biggest cost for dentists to preform smile makeovers is the lab fee.  The cost of a single porcelain veneer can range from $100 (made in China) to over $400 (if the lab is in NYC).  The better labs do charge more for their porcelain veneers, so dentists that specialize in doing smile makeovers often use better more experienced labs that cost more for smile makeovers.  The materials are very expensive to record information from the patient for the labs.  Also, special equipment that some dentists have to perfect smiles and bites can be very expensive up to $70,000 in some cases.  

Demographically, some areas cost more for smile makeovers.  NYC dentists charge twice as much as dentists in other parts of the country.  Dental tourism is not just about going over seas to get dental treatment, if living in an area with a high cost of living, consider flying to Jacksonville for a smile makeover at half the price as a NYC Smile Makeover.  We have a studio in Manhattan to preform smile makeover treatments, but many patients want to take advantage of our Jacksonville fees and fly to see us in North East Florida.

Can the cost of smile makeovers go down in Jacksonville?  One way to reduce the cost of smile makeovers is to not use a lab to make the porcelain veneer.  We can create veneers directly on the teeth using composite materials called direct veneers.  Check the Composite veneer page on our website for examples.  This allows us to reduce the cost of smile makeover substantially.  We have a lot of experience creating direct veneers and with experience comes the ability to make them look more natural quicker.  We are able to reduce fees substantially when doing composite veneers.  Often times we will do porcelain veneers on some teeth and composite veneers on back teeth in the smile to lower the costs.  Many smiles will look fantastic with direct veneers.  If you are in bad need of a smile makeover, but can not afford well over $1,000 per tooth, consider composite veneers.  Often times we can do a whole smile makeover with composite veneers for $5,000 and allow patients to make payments on their new smile in Jacksonville.  Set up a consultation with Smile Stylist to find out if you are a good candidate for low cost smile makeovers in Jacksonville.