Dr. OZ tip for at home whitening is bad for teeth




“On WTLV channel 12 a couple weeks ago, Dr. Oz was talking about whitening teeth (Naturally Whiten Teeth video). His professionally recommended treatment was lemon juice (an acid with pH of 2) combined with regular baking soda (an abrasive).  As a dentist, I want to give you my perspective – not as a doctor of general medicine like Dr. Oz, but as a dentist. You should never use an acid on your teeth and you should absolutely never combine an acid with an abrasive. Abrasives alone can wear the enamel right off your teeth! They can also cause recession of our gums around the teeth. When combined with acids, the erosion process happens even faster! So, while I greatly respect Dr. Oz for his general medical advice – do not follow his advice on whitening your teeth. Get in touch with me if you want to have whiter teeth, safely and effectively.  
Many people have the belief that whitening your teeth can erode the enamel and weaken your teeth.  This is absolutely not true if you use professional methods administered or approved by a dentist.  Whitening your teeth professionally will not harm the integrity of your teeth.