The Importance of a Nice Smile


More often than you can imagine, we are reading self-help, business, marketing or sales book and come across a quote from author about the importance of a nice smile.  The smile is so important that it has been mentioned to be sure to smile and smile often in some of the most well regarded business books of our time, and before our time.  This is because our people of our society judge us by our teeth and smiles.  People who smile often appear healthier, happier, and more approachable and more trust worthy.  If you are not confidant with your smile, then we can help.  Here is an accumulation of quotations about the importance of the smile from some of the best and most well regarded business, marketing, sales and self-help authors.



                             The Importance of a Nice Smile




Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling: Jeffrey Gitmoer, page 126

“Making people smile or laugh puts them at ease and creates an atmosphere more conductive for agreement.”


Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude: Jeffrey Gitomer, page 134-135

“I believe that a smile is the attribute of a positive attitude, both for yourself and the perception of others.”


“Your smile is one of the greatest attributes and assets you can possess…”


How to Win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnegie, pages 66-74

“People who smile tend to manage, teach, and sell more effectively, and to raise happier children.”


“An ancient Chinese proverb...’A man without a smiling face must not open shop.’”


BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-as-Usual: Kevin and Jackie  Freiberg, page xxv

“I can’t wait to see how good a day I can have.  You can’t help but come up with a smile.  And if you see someone without a smile, give ‘em yours.”


Lead or Get Off the Pot: Pat Croce, page 34

“The hotel’s general manager instructed his department heads—who were to perform the interviews--to automatically eliminate anyone who didn’t smile within the first five seconds.  No teeth showing, then get the hell out of here!”


I Feel Great and You Will Too!: Pat Croce, page 144

“When interviewing prospective employees, Fast Eddie and I looked for positive-thinking people who smiles easily and often.”


How Full is Your Bucket?: Tom Rath and Donald Clifton, page 94

“15-question Positive Impact Test…14. I always smile at people I meet.”


The Fred Factor: Mark Sanborn, page 104

“’It doesn’t take much time to make someone smile.  And if I can make someone on my route smile, that’s my reward,’ says Fred.”


The Art of Talking to Anyone: Rosalie Maggio, page 9

“But the smile—oh, the smile will work miracles.  It is the most importance body language of all…”


The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness: Linda Thaler and Robin Koval, pages 34 and 36

“The best way to spread these good feelings?  With a big toothy smile, the most contagious gesture of all…when you smile at others, you literally “infect” them with happiness.”


“It’s a lot easier to make your client, you boss, or your husband more receptive to you ideas if you say it with a smile.”


Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets you can discover from Tiger Woods to be a business Champion: Nate Booth, page 116

“Tiger Woods has a terrific smile that he flashes often.  So should you.  At it’s most basic level, a smile signals to others that you’re a friend, not a foe.”


The Energy Bus: Jon Gordon, pages 29 and 143

“See, George, you chose to smile and just by doing that one thing, you changed your energy.  A smile changes the way you feel, the way you think, and how you interact with others.”


“The goal in life is to live young, have fun, and arrive at your final destination as late as possible, with a smile on your face.”


You, Inc: The Art of Selling Yourself: Harry Beckwith, page 38

“Time and again in sales and marketing, we realize a powerful influence: The visual overwhelms the verbal.


The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence: Robert Spector and Patrick McCarthy, pages 89 and 91

“Nordstrom’s #1 Customer Service Strategy, Hire the Smile”


“We can hire nice people and teach them to sell, but we can’t hire salespeople and teach them to be nice…hire the smile, train the skill.”


The Power of Charm: Brian Tracy and Ron Arden, pages 12 and 72

“And how do you express complete acceptance?  It is simple.  You smile!  When you smile with happiness at seeing people, their self-esteem jumps automatically.  They feel happy about themselves.  They feel important and valuable.  And they like the person who is making them feel this way.”



“There’s no question that smiling and laughing are clear indictors of how much you are enjoying being someone.  A genuine smile involves muscles that surround your mouth and your eyes.  When you smile, make sure you get all of your face to smile.  Let it go right up to your eyes.”