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Why choose Dr. Jason Olitsky for your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, Florida?

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 Dr. Jason Olitsky is a 2001 graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry. 

He is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  One of about 275 accredited cosmetic dentists in the world, there are no other accredited cosmetic dentists in North East Florida.

He lectures on portrait and clinical photography, marketing, anterior and posterior applications of bonding materials and principles of smile design. 

He was a clinical mentor with The Hornbrook Group in Chicago and currently lectures and clinically mentors hands-on live patient post-graduate cosmetic programs with Gold Dust Clinical Mastery in Arizona. 

He is adjunct faculty at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. 

Dr. Olitsky has published articles in The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentistry Today, Dental Economics and Dental Town Magazine. 

He has been a featured cosmetic dentist in national magazines such as: In Style, Woman’s Health, Self, Fitness, Real Simple and Shape Magazine. 

He is currently President Elect and director of marketing for the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

He is co-author of the newly released book called The Naked Tooth: What Cosmetic Dentists Don’t Want You To Know.

What else should you know about cosmetic dentist Dr. Jason Olitsky in Jacksonville, Florida?

  Dr. Olitsky has been featured on all local news stations multiple times to talk about cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Jason Olitsky coined the term Smile Stylist for cosmetic dentistry and has a federally registered trademark in North America and Europe.  Other dentists who are using the term Smile Stylist or mimicking the Smile Stylist look and feel are doing so unlawfully and imitating the Smile Stylist brand created by Dr. Olitsky.
There are no other dentists in north florida who have been quoted as an expert multiple times in both local and national beauty and health publications.
Dr. Jason and Colleen Olitsky have a satellite practice in Manhattan to see select clients for cosmetic dentistry and beauty editors from NYC based national media publications.
Dr. Olitsky was selected as the cosmetic dentist for the Jacksonville, Florida Roar, cheerleaders for the NFL Jacksonville Florida Jaguars.  He has several clients from the cheerleading team including one employee who is a cheerleader for the Jacksonville Roar.

Dr. Jason Olitsky opened a cosmetic dentistry office in Ponte Vedra Beach just south of Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and dental partner Dr. Colleen Olitsky.  Dr. Colleen focuses on the general dentistry needs of Smile Stylist patients.

Dr. Jason Olitsky has been practicing dentistry for twelve years with a cosmetic dentist practice dedicated to giving people beautiful smiles in Ponte Vedra Florida for 7 years.  In ten years, Dr. Olitsky a cosmetic dentist has passionately dedicated his professional career to becoming a better and more experienced cosmetic dentist for Jacksonville florida.  He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in general, implant and cosmetic dentistry.

CV for Dr. Jason Olitsky DMD Jacksonville Florida Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Jason Olitsky, the Smile Stylist®, started up his Smile Stylist dental studio in 2006 with a strong emphasis on aesthetic dentistry.  After graduating from Temple Dental School in 2001, he immersed himself in continuing education related to aesthetics, occlusion and photography in both the United States and internationally with a goal of setting new standards in photographic and video presentation of aesthetic dentistry.   


As the Director of Esthetics and Photography with “The Clinical Mastery Series” he has authored and teaches the two day, “The Art of Photography” course, as well as the two day, “Anterior Aesthetics Live” over-the-shoulder program.  Prior to his experience with “The Clinical Mastery Series”, he co-authored and co lectured the “Anterior Aesthetics” courses with Dr. David Hornbrook.  He was a clinical mentor and speaker with The Hornbrook Group for 4 years. 


Dr. Olitsky has been a guest lecturer at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics meetings as well as other meetings around the country on various topics of aesthetic dentistry and digital photography.


In 2011 Dr. Olitsky became an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

In 2014 Dr. Olitsky became an accredited Digital Smile Design Master.



2001 Doctorate of Medical Dentistry, Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA.

1997 BS Biology/Chemistry Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC


Professional Affiliations and Committee Positions:

Adjunct Faculty at ATSU- Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

President Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2012

Vice-President Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2011

Treasurer Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2010

Secretary Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2009

Membership Committee American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2007

Marketing Chair of Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2009,10,11 and 12

Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Advisor Consultant with The Dental Advisor

Dental product consultant with various dental manufacturers


Career Highlights:

President of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute

Graduate of ACE institute masters aesthetics program in Pesaro, Italy

Graduate of The Hornbrook Group: Center for Advanced Continuing Education Attended Dawson Center for Advanced Clinical Education

Director of Aesthetics and Photography for “The Clinical Mastery Series” 2009-present

Clinical Mentor for The Hornbrook Group 2004-2009

Cover Story of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry 2009

CoAuthor of Consumer book, The Naked Tooth; What Cosmetic Dentists Don’t Want You To Know


National Media:

Featured expert in Self Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and Woman’s Health Magazine.



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Picture Perfect- Clinical Photography Made Easy! 12/20/2012

Balancing Aesthetics and Function of Direct Composite. 5/12/2011


Speaking Engagements:

2014 Star of the South Dental meeting Austin, TX "Clinical Photography Basics and Beyond" 1 day lecture

2014 Various Clinical Mastery Series courses in Philladelphia, PA, Chicago, IL and Las Vegas, NV.

2013  The Clinical Mastery Series- Ponte Vedra, Florida “Anterior Aesthetics Live” 2-day live patient over-the-shoulder program.

2013  The Clinical Mastery Series- Chicago, Illinois 2-day clinical and portrait photography course

2013  The Clinical Mastery Series- Napa, California 2-day clinical and portrait Photography course

2013  NYU aesthetic symposium, New York University College of Dentistry on photography and smile design

2013  The Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry on clinical and portrait photography

2012  The Hornbrook Group at ATSU, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Mesa, AZ on Photography and smile design

2012  The Clinical Mastery Series- Philadelphia, PA photography

2012  The Clinicial Mastery Series- Chicago, IL principles of smile design

2011  The Clinical Mastery Series ATSU, Mesa, AZ smile design, photography and marketing

2010  The Clinical Mastery Series ATSU, Mesa, AZ photography and marketing

2009 The Hornbrook Group- Louisville, KY

2009  The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry- Orlando, FL on portrait photography

2008 The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry- Orlando, FL

2007 The Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics- Grapevine, TX

2007  The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry- Atlanta, GA

2007  The Hornbrook Group- Chicago, IL




January 2009 New York License

June 2001  Florida license

May 2001  North East Regional Board Examination

May 2001  Doctor of Dental Medicine


Work Experience

Private dental practice since 01/2006 registered owner and creator of Smile Stylist® INC

CEO Smile Stylist Model Management; Licensed Modeling agency

CEO Wallsmiles

Group dental practice 2001-2006


Private Practice Locations

Smile Stylist®

818 Highway A1A North Suite 209

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida  32082


Smile Stylist® (Satellite location)

5 East 19th St., 5F

New York, NY  10003


Cosmetic dentistry is not just a descriptive adjective, but a constantly evolving expectation.