Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders

Roar cheerleader with a beautiful smile at smile stylist

Heather came to Smile Stylist to have a little whitening and bonding to brighten the teeth and perfect the smile!  Smile Stylist are the official cosmetic dentists of the Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders.  

Dr. Jason and Colleen Olitsky sign contract for fourth year as Cosmetic Dentists for The Roar!!!!!!!

The Roar cheerleaders visit the Smile Stylist for cosmtic dentistry.  They often see Dr. Olitsky to provide enhancements to the smile such as porcelain veneers that make the teeth whiter and brighter.  Kember had small teeth she refered to as her "Baby teeth".  Dr. Jason Olitsky treated her smile with a "Gum lift" and ten porcelain veneers.  The results give Kember a brighter and bigger smile that she can show off from the field!  Kember is our dental assistant at Smile Stylist.  Come to Smile Stylist to see the results on a live model.

Kalli came to Smile Stylist to get her teeth ready for the Miss Florida Pageant.  Dr. Olitsky at Smile Stylist gets smiles ready for pageants and for cheerleading for the Jaguars.  Kalli straightened her teeth with a combination of Invisalign and 6 month smiles to achieve her straight teeth fast!  

Sam came to Smile Stylist for more minor modifications to her smile.  Dr. Olitsky provides cosmetic dentistry in Jackonsonville that can make improvements to any smile.  Sam had small gaps in her teeth, spaces in her teeth that she wanted closed as fast as possible.  Dr. Olitsky provided an option to apply dental bonding, a white filling material used to close the gaps between her teeth.  The dental bonding was done in combination with some in office and take home dental whitening to acheive her dazzeling new smile.


Dr. Jason and Colleen Olitsky posing for some smiles with some of the Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders during the pregame.


Official cosmetic dentists of the Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders, the Smile Stylist make sure that the cheerleaders have beautiful smiles for the Jacksonville Jaguar fans.  Dr. Jason and Colleen Olitsky get the Roar Cheerleaders smiles ready for the season with teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental bonding and porcelain veneers.  

Get a beautiful smile like the Jacksonville Roar Cheerleaders at Smile Stylist in Ponte Vedra.


The Roar Cheerleaders go to the Smile Stylists cosmetic dentists in Ponte Vedra to get their smiles cheer ready for the season!