Jim Testimonial


My wife was scared of going to the dentist it frightened her like you cant believe and she hadn't been for some time.  So I told her you have to come over here.  I said the best thing about Jason and Colleen is they only see one patient at a time.  So you don't walk in with a room full of people wondering when am I next.  And then they come out in the lobby with you and they talk to you and talk you through exactly what is going to happen what its going to cost.  She entered into a big procedure that took 9 months to a year and she was so happy with the results.  This is a women for most of her life was afraid to go to the dentist.  Now she looks forward to going because she feels like she has a personal friendship and relationship with Jason and Colleen and Lisa at the front desk.  She looks forward to coming to the dentist now.  The results were fantastic, just fantastic.  I even let Jason pull a wisdom tooth.  It was 5 minutes and I was out of there!