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Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky DMD graduated from Temple Dental School in Philadelphia, PA in 2001.  They married in 2003, and after working for other practices for 5 years, established Smile Stylist in 2006.  While working in private practice the first 5 years after graduating from dental school, Drs. Jason and Colleen both focused on all aspects of general dentistry.  Neither Dr. Jason nor Dr. Colleen were content with performing average dentistry.  They pursued continuing education from the Dawson Center in St. Petersburg, FL to build on their foundation of building healthy mouths.  Their general dentistry education has been further developed by dental leaders such as Dr. Frank Spear and Dr. John Kois.  Recognizing that dental implants were an important evolving trend in dentistry, both Dr. Jason and Dr. Colleen attended the surgical and prosthetic dental implant continuum of Dr. Carl Misch in Detroit, MI.  The first five years of their practice careers were spent traveling to large dental meetings around the country as well as seeking out continuums in both general and cosmetic dentistry.  


Drs. Colleen and Jason Olitsky  

Dr. Jason began to focus his attention to cosmetic dentistry right out of dental school.  Seeing the kind of dentistry that changed peoples lives by enhancing their smiles as an opportunity to express his artistic freedom, he spent much of his time (and money) graduating from cosmetic dentistry continuums that enabled live patient interactions.  He was able to learn the most current techniques for all aspects of cosmetic dentistry a passion that he continues today not just by publishing and teaching, but by reading and attending cosmetic dental conferences around the world.  Dr. Colleen turned her attention to exceeding patients expectations in general dentistry.  Her focus is on giving her dental patients a great experience at Smile Stylist that make them feel good about their visit to the dentist.  


They have a unique practice philosophy that patients recognize the second they walk in the door.  Their dental office only has two dental treatment rooms.  When they opened Smile Stylist they decided that they did not want to run a volume based practice, but encourage more interaction between the doctor and the patients.  In previous practices they worked, the dentist had very little contact time with the patients and the assistants spent more time on the patients during the treatments.  Patients also spent more time at the dentist, while the doctors had to bounce around from patient to patient in other treatment rooms.  At Smile Stylist, they are able to focus on one patient at a time, enabling patients to have much shorter dental visits.  They also feel like the ability to focus on one patient at a time enables them to do better dentistry.  Dr. Jason felt like if his patients were going to spend a considerable amount of money to have cosmetic dentistry, then they should not have their visits interrupted by other patients.  They where featured in a national publication, Dental Economics, in 2007 highlighting their unique practice style.

Whether looking for general family or cosmetic dentistry in Jacksonville Florida or Ponte Vedra, Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky look forward to giving you an awesome experience!