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Feldspathic Veneers

Capable of reproducing nature in the thinnest layers, Feldspathic veneers can provide the most natural results in many different situations.  Feldspathic veneers are built by the hand of an artist called a ceramist.  Each veneer is made from scratch, starting with only special powders and liquids.  Each layer is subsequently fired in a furnace until the veneer in completed.  The ceramist then takes special instruments to shape and contour the veneer too have the morphology and surface texture of a tooth, often in less than .5 mm thick!  Imagine the challenge of holding something so thin, made of glass, and drilling on it to make it look even more natural.  Ceramists can also build specialty colors and translucencies into these types of veneers, making the color variations throughout the whole veneer.

Finding a talented ceramist to create Feldspathic veneers is challenging and the ceramist will charge a premium for their skills. Frequently top ceramists only work with a small handful of qualified dentists who they know will provide ideal records and handle the veneers properly. Smile Stylists are all qualified to work with the top dental ceramists to ensure you get the most natural looking smile!