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Gum Lifts

Gum lifts or gum contouring is a technique used by Smile Stylists to raise the heights of gums over teeth to create more ideal proportions, lengthen the teeth or improve symmetry.

There are several applications for gum lifts.

  1. Teeth may look short and need length added, not at the biting edges, but at the gum line of the tooth.
  2. Teeth gum lines may be asymmetrical and a gum lift over one or several teeth may improve the symmetry of the gum line in the smile.
  3. The gum line of one tooth may make the tooth seem smaller than the other teeth.
  4. A patient may appear to have a gummy smile, but the teeth are short and improving the gum heights of the teeth in the smile will make the smile look less gummy.
  5. The back teeth may look shorter than the front teeth and a gum lift of the back teeth will help the smile look wider and bigger.

Smile Stylists offer many techniques to gum lifts or gum contouring.  Special lasers can be used to change gum heights.  There are also other techniques including minor surgeries.  The best option for you will be discussed by your Smile Stylist.