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October 10, 2018

I think you guys are all great and are certainly very caring. To look after me and respond to me on a rainy Saturday is unusual in today’s marketplace. You have now become my Dentists! As an entrepreneur, I did absorb many other aspects of your practice and operation. Your office is very modern and happy. With all the smiles on the walls, and the greeting I received from Lisa and then the Doc’s, it puts a patient at ease and more confident. You have changed the “experience” of going to a Dentist which is going to build your business. No one likes going to the Dentist, but your approach and the way you handle patients enhances that experience and this will drive referrals your way. I think you should prepare your business model for expansion as I see your practice expanding exponentially. You have my 100% support and I will be referring you and your practice whenever I have the opportunity.