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White Fillings

Mercury Filling Removal Jacksonville Replace With White Fillings

Smile Stylists enjoy making front teeth and back teeth look beautiful. When talking about a beautiful smile it is hard to ignore the back teeth. Smile Stylists lecture for product supply companies on how to create healthy natural looking white fillings. Many times preforming tooth colored filling treatments involves ponte vedra silver filling removal. Patients come seek out Smile Stylists to remove silver fillings and have them replaced with natural looking tooth colored fillings. Here is a short list of some important things to remember when deciding on getting tooth colored fillings or replacing old mercury fillings as amalgam replacements.

  1. White fillings are technique sensitive. Remember getting your silver fillings? It seemed quick and hurried. The doctor was only in the room for 5 or 10 minutes. Mercury containing fillings place less of a demand on the dentist to properly seal up the tooth to prevent future decay and issues. Amalgam substitute fillings in Jacksonville take much more time to do properly. When they are rushed, they are not preformed ideally and the consequences are post operative sensitivity like cold sensitivity on new fillings and sensitivity to chewing foods. If done poorly they will stain around the borders of the filling, called microleakage, which leads to another cavity.
  2. The dentist needs to use adequate isolation. A mouth full of cotton rolls is for the comedies. Today dentists’ who are properly restoring tooth colored fillings are using isolation devices for the teeth called rubber dams or Isolite. These devices will properly keep the tongue, cheek and saliva away from the teeth being treated. This type of isolation keeps the fillings from getting contaminated with saliva. If the process is contaminated the fillings will be sensitive and have a poor success rate. Have a conversation with your dentist about proper isolation for your new ponte vedra white fillings.
  3. Teeth look a certain way for a reason. Tooth colored fillings should not look flat. The cusps are tall and pointed and the fissures are deep and groovy. This tooth anatomy helps us chew up food and keeps the teeth clean. If the anatomy is not properly developed in the ponte vedra white fillings, it is harder to chew food and that places more strain on our teeth, muscles and joints.
  4. Getting the bite right. Before you leave it is necessary to adjust the bite to make sure that the teeth interdigitate properly. A high filling can make the teeth sensitive, the jaw sore and even can mimic symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal. If you feel like the filling is “high” or you feel it first when you bite, make sure you have the situation addressed before it develops into a bigger problem. Getting used to the new bite may not be the answer.

Here are some pictures of Smile Stylists back tooth white fillings. Notice the replication of natural color and anatomy in the fillings. He pays attention to details in fillings not only in making sure they are done correctly, but cosmetically too. The goal is to make the tooth look like it never had a cavity.

Often times silver fillings look fine on the surface, but have cavities underneath the surface. When the edges of silver fillings look corroded, they begin to leak and allow bacteria under the filling gaining access to areas closer to the nerve. This second molar had a cavity under the filling that was unable to be detected at the surface of the tooth. Only a dentist could detect the cavity on an x-ray. Ponte Vedra Smile Stylist, Dr. Jason Olitsky removed the amalgam filling and cavity from both molars and restored them with tooth color fillings that match the natural anatomy of the surrounding teeth.

These fillings were preformed under rubber dam isolation. This is one way to properly isolate a tooth to keep the area as sterile as possible and prevent reinfection of the tooth. Notice the cavity under the filling in the back molar.

The fillings have been completed with natural color and anatomy. The goal is to make it look like you never had a cavity.

Here is an example of typical composite filings that are done by dentists. They remove the cavity that is growing inside the tooth, but often times, they do not replicate natural anatomy of teeth. Those eating surfaces of teeth are shaped that way for a reason, they help people eat with minimal trauma to the masticatory system. Dr. Olitsky replaces the natural anatomical morphology of the chewing surfaces of teeth, because it is healther for the person’s mouth.