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Why Smile Stylist

In more than 16 years of practicing dentistry, we heard this sad lament over and over again from people who came to our smile makeover studio with cosmetic dentistry horror stories. As I tried to help patients recover from subpar deal work and read articles about badly made-over teeth in professional journals, we became increasing appalled about he existence of so many dental nightmares.

We got so frustrated with this whole situation that we had to take action. We had to do something to help patients avoid poor cosmetic dentistry and get the smile they truly want. We decided the best way to educate patients was to write a book that would explain in simple language the procedures and pitfalls of cosmetic dentistry. The Naked Tooth tells it like it is. Just as we mentioned in the book, we intended to license the Smile Stylist name to dentists with a similar vision.

You might well ask, “Why is Smile Stylist necessary? Don’t all cosmetic dentists do good cosmetic work?”
The short answer is no, not all dentists can give you the smile of your dreams. In order to get the results you want, you have to do your homework and learn as much as possible about procedures and the cosmetic dentistry industry.

We understand this is time consuming, confusing, and daunting process and most patients have no idea where to start. We are providing a group of dentist who have the passion and expertise for improving the quality of lives though smile makeovers. Dentists who have continually advanced the art of smile makeovers- those who have embraced both the artistic and creative process of the skill. Being a smile stylist is not just about the skill of the dentist, but also the passion and dedication to making people happy. Personality is a big factor when considering a dentist and you want to choose a dentist who knows what looks good when you are making a permanent change to your face. It is a total office experience, from good service to a dental team who understands communication and building relationships.

Smile Stylist is a smile lifestyle brand that lives within each and every Smile Stylist studio around the world. Your smile transformation beings with Smile Stylist.

Did you know that there is no such thing as a specialist in cosmetic dentistry? Not in the same way as a dentist requires additional schooling to become an endodontist, or a medical doctor requires additional schooling to become plastic surgeon.

There is no board certification for cosmetic dentistry and little to no regulation on dentists advertising that they are cosmetic dentists or perform cosmetic treatments. This leaves patients to wonder, which dentist is actually qualified to perform cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers.

Many patients start their research with their own general dentist, assuming that they go to the dentist. If their dentist never mentioned cosmetic dental treatments before, there is a good chance that the dentist is not comfortable performing this treatment. How much education does the dentist have specifically in porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitations and occlusion? How much experience does the dentist have doing these treatments? Does the dentist have an aesthetic eye to design a smile? Does the dentist have a relationship with a top cosmetic dental technician? Will the dentist allow you to test the shapes and colors in a prototype called provisionals, fabricated from a matrix designed from a 3 dimensional design of your smile? There are so many questions to ask and understanding the answers can be challenging. Does the education the dentist have for smile makeovers come from a reputable organization? How many hours of education are involved, is this experience hands-on, lecture, over-the-shoulder or all of the above? Does this education involve relevant occlusion principles that can be practically applied to smile design and full mouth rehabilitation?

It would be helpful to have top cosmetic dentists who are experienced and education in cosmetic dental treatments do the research for you. Smile Stylists are top cosmetic dentists who have separated themselves from other general dentists by their hours of education in cosmetic dentistry from reputable organizations and have years of experience practicing cosmetic dentistry relative to the desired treatments. They have similar values, the porcelain veneers and crowns look and feel natural and leave the mouth healthier, and offer exceptional service as well as have artistic eyes for what looks good for your smile.